Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia

Student chosen as a judge in "Arte al Paso"

Elkin Idarraga, a visual producer recently selected at the international exhibition of artists in Barcelona, Spain and student of Social Communication program of the National Open and Distance University,

Student will represent UNAD University at the National and International research conference

The student Minys Lady Ariza Díaz who belongs to the program of food engineering from the education center -CEAD- Barranquilla from Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia -UNAD-, will represent the institution at the XVI national Conference and the X international Conference of research incubators that will take place in Monteria, Cordoba from October 10th to 14th 2013.

The ¨gringa¨from Silvestre may translate the Language from natives.

Although in reality they are not indians, but natives. It is true that the Gringa, who was made popular by Silvestre Dangond´s vallenato song, will not have any problems at the moment of translating the language from natives as the song says.