Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia

Entrepreurship is strengthened at UNAD Santander de Quilichao

The holistic training at UNAD makes students become facilitators of social and business processes that make them become entrepreneurs and job initiators.

The Virtual Service Community Center of UNAD Coffee-Growers Axis receives an intern from the International University of La Rioja UNIR (Spain)

The UNAD´s CCAV Coffee-Growers Axis performs a convention with the international University of La Rioja UNIR, in order to carry out an academic cooperation. Initially, the CCAV Coffee-Growers Axis will receive an intern at one of their master's degrees.

Dr. Constanza Abadía, Dr. Angela Melo and Dr. Roberto Salazar were at the IES meeting in Medellin

RED Colombia, composed by higher education institutions of Medellin that offer distance and virtual learning programs, met up to create the fundamental concepts that define distance learning and its socializing process, as well as the agreement and construction of its guidelines and the proposal for the regulatory frame.