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The UNAD in hand with the community of the municipality of Turbo

Leaders of the Vice President's Office of Regional development and community service VIDER in the occident region accompanied students who carried out community projects in the municipality of Turbo.

María del Pilar Azcona, local leader of the Vice President's Office of Regional development and community service -VIDER- in Turbo, Héctor Raúl Galindo VIDER leader in the occident region and Rosember Molina Communicator in the area, visited the municipality of Turbo accompanying projects that are carried out by students of the CEAD Turbo with vulnerable communities.

Sports and cultural integration in Ibague

At the headquarters of the Inocencio Chinca Coomuatolsure Social School of the city of Ibague, it was held the first day of sports and cultural integration with the participation of the community of the UNAD CEAD Ibague.

40 students were active participants of it. These students belong to musical and dance groups of the CEAD such as Coaba and Renacer Unadista, as well as basketball, volleyball and Futsal female events. These students showed their great sense of belonging and commitment to artistic expressions and physical culture of our Center.

One of the guests was the former Governor of the Atlantic, Eduardo Verano de la Rosa. The Vice President Office for Regional development and community projection, in a coordinated work with the school of Sciences of education, ECEDU, held the Forum calle

"Spinning the knowledge and practices of our science"

The students Madeleyne Quintero Rodríguez and Mónica Victoria Quintero will travel to Antigua Guatemala on behalf of the seed research named awareness of the program of psychology of the UNAD CEAD Palmira, they will attend the fifth Latin American Congress of Psychology ULAPSI, with their proposal to the affective Godfather: A psychosocial intervention strategy for the integration of the elderly.



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