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UNAD - ICT Ministry and ICETEX will give 4 thousand condoned loans to study information technology. Call until 23 November.

ICT Ministry and ICETEX will give 4 thousand condoned loans to study information technology. Call until 23 November.

Loans totally condoned will be given to more than 4,000 Colombians to advance studies related with  software and applications development, IT project management, IT control and quality assurance and IT architectures and security, video games, commercial management and IT management sales, with the support of ICT Ministry Digital Talent Fund.


Indeed, the Fund provided to ICETEX resources for 27,000 million pesos to finance studies in any technical, technological and undergraduate program, in educational institutions accredited by the National Education Ministry.


This is the second call that the national government opened through Digital Talent initiative. The first one, closed two months ago, benefited more than 700 Colombians who began studies in the country and abroad with MinTIC financial support. "Never in the history of the country such as quantity of money had been earmarked to digital talent training. Money is not an excuse anymore to be prepared and take advantage of the great opportunities offered by the development and spread of ICT use in Colombia, "said ICT Minister, Diego Molano Vega.


The call to access to the credits 'Digital Talent' initiative is open until November 23, 2012. Candidates can apply online by registering on ICETEX website available for this purpose in www.icetex.gov.co and submitting the required documentation through www.talentodigital.gov.co. Also, on the website, you will find information about conditions, schedule, academic programs and requirements to be postulate.

Who can participate?

·         Citizens and public servants of different orders of the Colombian State, showing interest in acquiring Information Technology (IT) training, through technical, technological and college studies in Colombia, so that subsequent they reverse the largest knowledge to IT industry and e-Government Strategy.

·         Students currently enrolled or are postulated for the first time to an academic program with the features mentioned. If a student is a beneficiary of the call, but has already begun his studies, ICETEX repay the corresponding fee to the value of the current semester's tuition to the corresponding academic institution.

·         Students who currently have an existing ICETEX loan.

·         Cannot participate those people who were benefited at the first call of Digital Talent Fund.

The requirements to access the loans are:

a.       Being a Colombian citizen, for which you must submit the ID.

b.      Present the results of SABER 11 tests or equivalent state test for high school studies.

c.       Certificate of admission to an educational institution to study the academic program in IT field at the first semester of 2013.

d.      Presentation letter from a current or former superior or teacher about your intellectual abilities, personal qualities and work or academic performance.

e.      Digital photocopy of receipts of the last 3 months of a residential public service with the surveillance annotation by the superintendent of domiciliary public services.

f.        Public servants must attach additionally, the certified by human management competent of the corresponding entity and the performance assessment or management agreement of the period immediately proceeding with an outstanding grade.

What is a condonable loan?

It is a credit that allows students to cover up to 100% of tuition, if he fulfill with the following requirements:


a.       Fulfill the entire study time and complete them successfully.


b.      Get the diploma or degree issued by the respective institution of higher education or occupational training certificate issued by a training institution for work and human development properly constituted.


c.       Reversing the knowledge acquired for the benefit of the development of e-Government Strategy, which can be in terms of: the development of an internship or degree work according with any degree modality who has established at the educational institution, in benefit of any entity of public nature and according with the scope of education the level even if is technical, technological or college.


d.      Certification issued by an entity of public nature upon the application receipt and / or software development or internship associated with the project bank of e-Government Strategy and obtain the approval of this requirement from the Information and Communications Technology Fund (FONTIC).   


e.      Make the rights assignment over the application and / or software developed on benefit to the corresponding public entity.  








* Taken from the Website of the Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies





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