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UNAD - By recycling we also heal lives

By recycling we also heal lives

By following the statement: Reduce, reuse, recycle and recover, the center of distance learning.

CEAD Barranquilla from UNAD University is making progress in the collecting campaign of plastic lids from bottles, that are not only meant to be recycled but to help children who are suffering from cancer. This initiative that involves UNAD s family is integrated with the campaign of the SANAR foundation that is overtaking the collection of any kind, size and color of plastic lids and they are selling them to recycling companies.


At the moment, five thousand lids have been collected at CEAD Barranquilla. The money obtained from the lids will help to pay the 400 children´s treatment and will also support their families during the process.

There are two main specific objectives that we need to be focused on. First, helping children who are suffering from cancer and second, helping our planet by reducing the amount of plastic we produce. In order to be part of this campaign we only need to collect the plastic lids from different products: soda bottles, tea, water, shampoo, oil, among others.


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