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UNAD - International Year of Family Farming in the South of the country

International Year of Family Farming in the South of the country

"Family farming is an opportunity to stimulate local economies, especially when combined with specific policies for social protection and communities welfare", United Nations for Food and Agriculture.

In the headquarters of the UNAD Pitalito - Huila and Florencia - Caquetá, as part of the Agrosolidaria- UNAD Convention signed between the Association of Agroecological Prosumers and the National Open and Distance University, was held the opening event of the International Year of Agriculture Solidarity -AIAF-2014-declared by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 2011, as a request of more than 360 rural organizations from five continents gathered at the World rural Forum.

The activity led by the School of Social Sciences Arts and Humanities from the UNAD, through the National Education System for Solidarity, took place taking advantage of the excellent conditions available to the University in terms of connectivity, allowing online participation from representatives of the agricultural sector across the country.

"This has been a time for dialogue between those responsible for public policy, solidary agricultural organizations, and the academia, seeking to support the development of agricultural, environmental and social policies," said the director of the Center for Open and Distance Education -CEAD-Pitalito of UNAD, Jorge Eliezer Cruz Ortiz, to emphasize that “the goal is to involve the whole community of the south of the country in the International Year of Family Farming”.

The International Year of Family Farming (AIAF as written in Spanish) 2014 aims at increasing the visibility of family farming and the small-scale agriculture focusing the world’s attention on its important role in the struggle for the eradication of hunger and poverty, food and nutrition safety, improving livelihoods, in the management of natural resources, the environmental protection and achieving the sustainable development, particularly in rural areas.

Family agriculture includes all agricultural activities related to various areas of rural, forestry, fisheries, aquaculture and pastoral development managed and operated by a family and that mainly depend on family labor, including both men and women.


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